Jubilantly open Dapharcoblu+Pharmacy chain and introduce new products

On 5th January 2018, Da Nang Pharmacy- Medical Devices Joint Stock Company (Dapharco) organized an opening ceremony for DapharcoBLU Pharmacy chain and DapharcoBLU+Pharmacy chain.

This is an exclusive trademark identity system which is memorable and impressive to customers. Establishment of the Pharmacy-Supermarket chain is to aim at occupying the very large potential retail market share in Da Nang and in other provinces nationwide. Also, the Pharmacy-Supermarket chain when coming into stable business shall become one of the most important factors to set up and propagandize trademark of the Company.

When life standard and income are improved, the demand for people on disease prevention and healthcare are also enhanced. Good quality of products relating to health together with enthusiastic, responsible and whole-hearted consultants are the biggest interest of customers.

To meet customers’ demand, Dapharco has built up a retail system of pharmacy, cosmetic, functional food, products for health in a new model to maximize the value of retail network at the age of 4.0 technology. Thus, the system of DapharcoBLU Pharmacy chain and DapharcoBLU+ Pharmacy chain are born to contribute to the improvement of life quality.

The differences of DapharcoBLU Pharmacy chain and DapharcoBLU+ Pharmacy chain are:

1. This is the model “Pharmacy – Supermarket of products for healthcare” with an exclusive trademark identity system which is memorable and impressive to customers.

2. Beside selling medicines upon prescription, DapharcoBLU+ Pharmacy organizes sale in the form of supermarket to help customer freely select their desired products. Especially, enthusiastic and experienced consultants of DapharcoBLU+ Pharmacy are always available to assist customers to choose products match with their demand.

3. DapharcoBLU+ Pharmacy has online shopping website, delivery to door with quick and free ship in Da Nang.

4. The most noticeable difference of DapharcoBLU+ Pharmacy is our commitment for 100% genuine of all the products displayed and for sale here. Criteria “Product quality, apparent origin” is the top priority of DapharcoBLU+ Pharmacy system.


Leaders of Dapharco and representatives of strategic shareholders are cutting the band at the opening ceremony.

Postgraduate Education Senior – PGS Tong Viet Phai- General Director of Dapharco is making a presentation at the ceremony.

Second Degree Specialist Ngo Thi Kim Yen- Director of Da Nang Department of Public Health is making a presentation

Chairman of the Board of Management of Imexpharm and General Director of Dapharco are entering into business cooperation in witness of Director of Da Nang Department of Public Health

Mr. OKUNO MASAYA- General Director of Hisamitsu Vietnam Pharmacy Company is saying congratulation at the opening ceremony

Representatives of strategic shareholders are taking memorial photos with leaders of Dapharco

Dapharco BLU pharmacy at 226 Nguyen Van Thoai St., Da Nang City.

Ngày đăng: 10/07/2019