Dapharco – Organizing the employee delegates conference 2019

On March 2nd, 2019, Da Nang Pharmaceutical – Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company (Dapharco) organized the Employee Conference 2019 at Cong Doan Hotel (02 – Ong Ich Khiem, Hai Chau district, Danang city).

The conference has presented the Report on the results of production and business activities in 2018 and the orientation and tasks of 2019. The report on the implementation of the collective labor agreement, the rules and regulations of Dapharco is approved; it also approved some issues related to workers’ legitimate rights and interests; responded to petitions, and at the same time accepted the opinions of delegates on issues under the responsibilities and obligations of the Company’s managers for employees. Report of Trade Union Executive Committee. Electing the Company Dialogue Board. Responding to the content of emulation 2019 launched by the Company’s Union.

The conference praised and announced the commendation decision of the superior and Chairman of the Emulation Council for the Company, for collectives and individuals who had excellent performance in production, contributed significantly on the successful implementation of the Company’s business tasks in 2018.

2019 is a special significance year for the development process of the Company; it is the first year that the Company implements the Union’s Resolution for the 12th time. We need to create a breakthrough both in width and depth in all business activities; increase revenue and profit; improve quality serving. The conference called for all employees in the Company to work together, to strive and overcome difficulties to complete tasks well, to raise income, and improve material and spiritual life for employees and for the sustainable development of the Company.


Ngày đăng: 09/07/2019