what episode is a land without magic

Use the HTML below. "Find us," he whispers before closing the door. She touches his face and he turns to her, telling her, "I love you, too." Jefferson tells her that it's doubtful before taking her keys, grabbing a coat and continuing down the hall. Charming appears in another forest and falls to the floor, having been transported mid-jump. "Broken Heart" • Directed by Dean White. Air Date: Sunday, September 25, 2016. Charming asks what Rumple knows of true love and the latter reveals that he knows not so much as Charming, perhaps, but not so little either as he might think. Emma orders her, but Regina whines that she can't. As she climbs out of the shaft, Emma discovers Regina, tied to a chair and gagged. The purple mist continues to rise. she yells, making the dragon turn to her. She disappears but Charming can still hear her menacing cackle, he starts swinging his sword around randomly, trying to follow the noise of her laughs. Henry collapses and Emma calls out his name, panicking. Charming stands up and joyously kisses his fiancée, but when they pull away, she doesn't appear happy. Amidst the rush, a man, revealed to be Jefferson, walks through a secured door, leading to the cell where Belle is confined. With Henry under a sleeping curse, Emma begins to understand what's really going on in the town of Storybrooke as she risks everything to save her son. "Page 23" • In the mirror, we see Charming disappear. He attempts this several times, but to no avail, before giving up, turning around and sitting down within his cell, at a loss. LISTINGS: ONCE UPON A TIME. You wake him up!" The two hug and they then continue to walk. At the hospital, Emma turns to Henry and asks him what's going on here. The next flash shows Charming with Emma in his arms as he battles his way through Regina's knights before placing baby Emma in a wardrobe. "A Land Without Magic" is the 22nd episode of Once Upon a Time, as well as its first season's finale. Rumplestiltskin amends her in saying that he did not hide it with her, but in her, saying that he knew Regina couldn't resist bringing her over. Mr. Gold is shown within his pawn shop when Emma and Regina quickly enter, approaching him at the counter. We see the view from the inside of the room as the shot moves across August, who's on his bed. The finale saw the series post its best numbers ever from the previous outing, scoring a 3.3/10 among 18-49s with 9.66 million viewers tuning in. She bends over and kisses him gently on the forehead. He strokes her arm before asking, "Did you ever doubt I would?" At this, the prince and the princess share a kiss. The blonde then spots something nearby - Prince Charming's sword which she had earlier discarded. But Regina shakes her head, saying that she doesn't know as magic in this land is unpredictable. "The Shepherd" The final scene zooms in on the town clock as it ticks for a final time, striking 8:15, before it is engulfed by the mist. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Prince Charming attempts to escape from the Evil Queen's clutches in order to reunite with Snow White who, unbeknownst to him, has already taken a bite of the Queen's poison apple. "Greenbacks" He hovers the vial over the well before dropping it into the water below. he wonders. Back in Henry's hospital room, he sits up as Emma looks confused at how all the people are acting. Emma unsheathes the sword and goes down in the elevator. Regina appears extremely displeased by this and Mother Superior turns to her and says, "If I were you, your majesty, I'd find a place to hide." "We Are Both" • She reminds the doctor that she's already told him everything - "Do something!" Emma looks out at the dragon from behind her rock as she stands on a part of the cliff that collapses, causing her to fall down the cliff, the ground beneath being too far down to see. Mr. Gold explains to Belle's counterpart that magic is coming to Storybrooke. She growls and begins to chase Charming who breaks into a run, he dives into a pillar for cover as Maleficent breathes fire into his location, narrowly missing him. After drugging the duty nurse and releasing Belle, he instructs her to find Mr. Gold and tell him Regina locked her up. Henry's heart rate starts to fall and doctors rush into the ward. "And They Lived...", 1x22 - A Land Without Magic - Sneak Peek 1, 1x22 - A Land Without Magic - Sneak Peek 2, 1x22 - A Land Without Magic - Sneak Peek 3, 1x22 - A Land Without Magic - Sneak Peek 4, 1x22 - A Land Without Magic - Sneak Peek 5. Regina walks towards Henry and tells him that no matter what he thinks and no matter what anyone tells him, she does love him. She fires a few shots at the dragon but absolutely no impact is made. "The Apprentice" • Prince Charming refuses to make a deal, and attempts to fight Rumplestiltskin for the ring, but Rumplestiltskin is able to heal himself and easily overpowers the prince. Soon, we see Emma traveling downwards in the elevator as she draws her father's sword, looking at it. The prince halts and runs backwards, but is met by yet another knight, who tells the archer to shoot Charming. Directed by "The Final Battle Part 1" • She runs across a series of rocks before grabbing the sword and aiming it at the dragon who draws nearer. Charming removes the weight of his satchel and crosses blades with Rumple once more, as the two battle, Rumple elbows Charming in the stomach and forces him backwards with magic. It lands on the cliff edge and advances on the floored blonde who stares in fear at the beast before her. "The Guardian" •

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