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It’s where the Bernina Express crosses the Swiss-Italian border and takes you to Tirano, where you transfer to the Bernina Express Bus to Lugano. Discover where SBB can take you, what types of trains, tickets and services they offer. You could also fit in a visit in St. Gallen or Zurich on your way back to Lucerne with that one. The two starting points in St. Moritz and Zermatt are both a long way from Interlaken. If you can not accept, you have to leave For up to date information on which pass or ticket covers what, visit the SBB website. If you opt for the penny-pincher version, you can get off along the way as often and as long as you please. The nearby outdoor museum Swissminiatur in the village of Mendrisio is a replica of Switzerland in small. This little church in the village of Wassen, commonly known as „Chileli vo Wasse“, sits on a hill and can be seen from three different angles on the way up to the former Gotthard tunnel. Keep reading for more details. I would like to know if you have any recommendations on how to travel from Lugano to St. Moritz. To put together your schedule, head to the SBB website. and we are wondering how are we gonna get to do these if we are coming from Paris? We would like to see most of the country either by regular or scenic trains. My mother was really interested in the Bernini express but unfortunately, since we are staying in Lucerne, its a completely different route. This short trip starts in Montreux with an overnight stay in the hotel category of your choice. La GoldenPass line, un voyage extraordinaire dans 3 trains différents, avec une vue panoramique sur des paysages époustouflants. The Matterhorn, Switzerland's most famous mountain. Say Zurich is your starting point, you take a regular train to St Gallen, then Voralpen, Gothaard, Bernina, Glaciers, regular train to Montreaux (or loop around to Chamonix, Geneve, Evian, Lausanne), Golden Pass and then regular train to Berne and on to Zurich. The ticket price for the "TGV Lyria" train starts from 40 EUR. 2. These regular trains travel the exact same route as the Glacier Express does. Thanks for your comment. Enjoy your time here. Not only are trains prevalent throughout the country, they are also extremely timely and rarely run off schedule. Small dogs with a height of 30 cm travel for free and without a reservation if they’re in a carrier or cage. From there, the Bernina Express Bus takes passengers through the famous Valtellina wine region past Lake Como and back into Switzerland. In winter, the area turns into a haven for the snow-seeking crowd. We’ve had 0 degrees in April before and there’s a saying in Switzerland that goes: April does whatever April wants. In order to overcome the altitude in the narrow Poschiavo Valley, the train has to take a 360-degree turn. Trainline provides a very simple and comfortable booking system for train tickets in several countries like to/from/in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. I see the rates in the range of ~$200-250 per person for these days. The Bernina Express spiralling its way down to Valposchiavo in Brusio. Register now for your daily Advent calendar reminder. For example, the price remains the same for the route from Zurich to Bern whether you take an InterCity or InterRegio train. There are three main train routes from Switzerland to France. It’s also the starting point to many a trip in the vicinity, like to the crystal clear Lake Gauma or the dramatic Rhine Gorge. This post on scenic train rides is very helpful. More information about Gifts that hit the mark. The impressive Landwasser Viaduct disappearing into a tunnel. Search for the best train for your trip by region, province or select one from the most frequent routes in Switzerland. Or 2.5 times the size of Beijing. A never-ending spectacle of three mountain passes, the famous 4000 metre Alpine peaks, 8 lakes and unforgettable excursions. Hi, Thanks for the information. Day 1- Early morning train from Geneva to Lauterbrunnen (6AM-9:25AM). So even if you arrive in another city, you’ll make it to Bern/Interlaken within one or two hours. From Neuhausen Rheinfall travel to Geneva (5:01 – 8:45). Do you want to save the changes to the touch timetable in your user account or keep the stops and settings stored in your user account? On the way from Lucerne to Interlaken, you’ll pass by Lake Lungern. If you buy them online, you won’t be able to make any change to your booking and you’ll have to travel on the date you selected. The Albula Line between Preda and Bergün is going to make your head spin. Dear Mas Thank you for your comment and your lovely compliment. You can definitely find enough to do in four days. I will try to answer your questions as accurately as I can. Online timetable information, on which you can find relevant, up-to-date connections. Your blog & comments have helped me a lot to plan my Switzerland itinerary. I just purchased the ebook you have written for travel in Switzerland. Please don’t hold me to it, though. We are Lucerne to Milan (possibly a stop over to Lugano). I hope you’ll have a fantastic time in Switzerland. Can you suggest that which portion(s) of the Glacier Express I should select considering my preference is to see a lot of snow around. Five amazingly scenic train rides in Switzerland summed up. I hope this helps. Another opportunity to break up the Voralpen Express journey…. No, you don't necessarily need a reservation to use the Golden Pass trains. To book a travel pass, you can use this link that’ll take you straight to the Eurail website. Since it’s October, I unfortunately can’t promise you a whole lot of snow along the way. You have plenty of options and are quite flexible. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. In the above itinerary I am missing Glacier 3000.

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