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If it really fascinates us, we may engage with it again, maybe revise some of our initial impressions, try to get clear on why it strikes us as important and reflect on what we can use it for in our own work. The Graduate SchoolOld Chemistry Building, room 313 And don’t go overboard with the dream of the clear desk, either. All her life, Beauvoir praised novels that allowed her to feel immersed, absorbed, spellbound. The question is how to achieve this. Let alone the clear week or month. In addition, we may fear that a reading emerging from such a process might not look all that impressive. What do I want to say? On this view, it is easier to justify the role of critics (they defend us against the ideological machinations of the text) than the works they labour so mightily to take apart. Titled “Writing as Thinking: Writing as a Way of Life in the Academy,” the event was designed to help graduate students and new Ph.D.s in the humanities and social sciences with the perennial problems of crafting research and writing in a sustainable manner. Cavell’s own work — his many books on film and theatre — shows that for him criticism is a privileged site for philosophy. Accept yourself. She is the author of Simone de Beauvoir: The Making of an Intellectual Woman, Henrik Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism: Art, Theater, Philosophy, and Revolution of the Ordinary: Literary Studies after Wittgenstein, Austin and Cavell, and co-author (with Amanda Anderson and Rita Felski) of Character: Three Inquiries in Literary Studies. Good criticism requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. This updated article is available in free-to-view only with permission of Oxford University Press. The only hint Cavell provides is to say that we usually have no trouble letting a work of theory or philosophy teach us how to read it. Men think, women feel; men do philosophy, women write romantic novels. In keeping with this virtue tradition, we can see the integral nature of the theological virtues subtly at work in William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. Akademisk skriving har dårlig rykte på seg. You sit down to write. Missing so far is the writer’s perspective. This raises the question of what Cavell thinks philosophy is. There may be inconvenience, and even damage, to be sustained in devoting time to music; but the greatest danger is in not devoting enough, for music is this man’s adventure … To refuse the adventure is to run the risk of drying up like a pea in its shell. Why not simply stick to reading theory and philosophy if that’s what we really want to do? Your information is being handled in accordance with the ABC Privacy Collection Statement. That is a privilege. I must be prepared to discover that my sense of the work was profoundly mistaken, but that discovery will itself be part of my further education as a critic. Stanley Cavell raises the question of literature and philosophy from the point of view of the philosopher, in the sense that he begins by wondering whether a philosopher can find philosophy in literature and other arts. Who reads academic books these days? To do philosophy we have to be willing to have philosophy unsettle the “foundations of our lives.” Philosophy will ask awkward questions about why we do what we do, and why we think what we think. For this reason, I feel that “ordinary language criticism” may actually be too constraining a term for the kind of criticism that comes to mind after reading Stanley Cavell. After reading The Mill on the Floss, the fourteen-year-old Simone cried for hours over Maggie’s death, and vowed to become a writer herself: “one day another adolescent girl would bathe with her tears a novel in which I would tell my own story.” Although the adult Beauvoir no longer cried for hours over a novel, she continued to think that only literature could provide this kind of experience. Watch yourself writing. Fundamentally, the debate turned on aesthetic norms: adherents of the aesthetic values of late modernism rejected what they took to be the message-oriented realism of the existentialists. It isn’t your home: Sarraute gets her due, The Adulteress Wife: Beauvoir Misrepresented. When another woman, Xavière, begins truly to exist for her, Françoise constructs her as a hostile presence, as a threat to her own existence. Since I am not such a writer, I should just give up immediately. But I don’t let them take over. Add it to the clear day fiction, and it was disastrous: when I finally got to my one clear day, all I could do was to entangle myself even more deeply in an undefined morass. Invited speakers included Nancy Bauer (Philosophy, Tufts University), Bernard Rhie (English, Williams College), and Aaron Sachs (History, Cornell University). Please check your email address / username and password and try again. Austin into a new set of master thinkers whose characteristic preoccupations are now to be imposed on the literary text. You could not be signed in. Many people told me that they liked it. This was because I secretly defined writing as my “real work” and everything else as what I had to get out of the way to get to the real work. They make you sit down to write every day. Rather we raise the question for other reasons — reasons we often fail to make completely clear even to ourselves. Certainly not so long as philosophy continues, as it has from the first, to demand the banishment of poetry from its republic. (“Let the work teach you how to read it,” is a different way of saying the same thing.) The more you write, the more you’ll be convinced that you can actually do it. Toril Moi also works on theater. Readers of fiction have a larger world than non-readers of fiction. She read novels not just to learn, but to feel, and to identify with the author, or the characters, or both. Well, we often begin by trying to get at least a general idea of what the work is about, what its major concerns and concepts are. Which one was mine? Feminist Readings of Woolf," takes issue with Showalter's assessment both of Woolf and of feminism. The problem for me was that I suffered, really badly, from the dream of the clear day, and the clear desk. The risk there, as Mallory puts it, is of drying up like a pea in its shell. When I write I often feel as if I have taken a car engine apart, spread all the parts neatly out in my front yard, and then associated a string of disparate ideas – like a string of flags or Christmas decorations – to each of the hundreds of parts. In any case, the point is that Moi does correctly argue that Woolf's experimental writing style is not at odds with her feminist political stance but an expression of it. How would I ever transform this tangled web of bits of writing into something like a beautiful weave? This is not Cavell’s view. A good novel, for Beauvoir, is an invitation to the reader to share the author’s sense of exploration (recherche) and discovery, to join her on an “authentic adventure of the mind.” Beauvoir’s reader has to be open-minded. Could you please critically analyze the title of the introduction "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? The iPad makes it possible to do this anywhere. I do not understand such appeals as “going outside” philosophy. 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