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The disgusted look is one the “wealthy” character archetype tends to make when they look at someone or something they consider beneath them. Draw the mouth open in an “O” type shape. Finally draw the mouth in a fairly sharp upside down curve and draw the bottom lip in a similar manner. There should be a good amount of space between the irises and the bottom eyelids. Draw the eyes squinted and draw the irises of the eyes smaller then normal with tiny pupils and no reflections. For more tutorials on male anime character see: © 2020 AnimeOutline, All Rights Reserved. These combined features will give this character a fairly non-caring unfriendly and slightly tired look. The “bullying face” is another expression the delinquent/thug is likely to make especially when they corner their target. It also shows how to draw some of the facial expressions these characters are likely to have. For a content/happy look draw the “friendly guy” with the eyebrows raised and the eye closed. These are usually non-important characters that tend to be something like security guards or a villains minor minions. TOP. A grin is one expression that the delinquent/thug is likely to make when they spot someone they want to pick on. How to Draw Anime Hair - Male. They are usually intelligent and strong and thus also usually calm and confident. Please keep in mind that they are just a guideline for getting male anime style looking characters. For the “lightly surprised” look draw the eyebrows raised with the eyes open a tiny bit wider than normal. Often these tend to be the school council president or some type of leader. Older male characters are more likely to have longer faces, wider chins, and smaller/narrower eyes (though still larger than normal). Draw the front section of the hairstyle 3. How to Draw Anime Male Hair Step by Step. Thee combined features will give the “loner” a somewhat uncaring and unfriendly look. If you want a friendly looking character draw the mouth with a light smile. Draw the mouth with a smile but to make the it seem slightly less friend add a hint of teeth on each side. Draw the closed eyes with a pair of curves similar to the eyebrows. The tired face is another expression that can be quite common to loner characters. Draw the eyes wider (taller) and make the irises and everything inside them larger than the base example at the start of the tutorial. Draw the top eyelids slightly lowered and draw the bottom eyelids with wider curves. Make the inner ends of the eyebrows raised and draw them just slightly closer together. Draw the mouth in a light upside down curve to again make the character look more serious. Leave the top of the irises covered by the eyebrows but just barely. For a tired look for the “loner” draw the eyebrows in upside down curves with their inner ends raised. If you just want a quick breakdown of the placement of the facial features and drawing steps you can read below: Draw the eyebrows slightly above the eyes. The character types covered in this tutorial are: Before going into drawing specific character archetypes it’s a good idea to first analyze the characteristic features of male anime faces. The eye under the lowered eyebrow should be squinted and the one under the raised eyebrow opened slightly wider than normal. For more examples you can always look at your favorite anime and manga and see how the characters are most interested are drawn. This is a scared/nervous expression anime/manga loners tend to make. This is another expression that this type of character can have. For drawing anime eyes in different states see: How to Draw Closed, Closing & Squinted Anime Eyes. For an angry look draw the eyebrows closer together and very low down on the face (especially the inner ends). For example like a guard that’s been on a long shift. For a detailed guide on drawing a male anime face see: How to Draw Anime and Manga Male Head and Face. For the “loner’s” normal look draw the eyebrows with their ends slightly raised. A content smile is something that a friendly character is likely to have, often after they help someone. Keep the mouth the same as the normal expression. Make the eyes themselves slightly squinted. This is an expression the villain tends to make when they are ticked off/angry/upset. Anime hair is usually drawn in clumps sort of like real hair that is wet. Step 4. Jan, 13 … A happy smile can be one of the expressions this type of character is likely to have. Draw the mouth with a smile (teeth showing) and again add a hint of the split between the top and bottom rows of teeth. More Tutorials in Hair. Since the mouth is open you can also optionally draw the jaw slightly lower down. It shows how you can take the same anime style male face and transform it into different characters by tweaking the facial features and hairstyle. Draw the mouth like an upside down smile, narrower at the top and wider at the bottom with the teeth showing. For the “wealthy guy’s” normal face draw the eyebrows slightly lower down. You can also give a hint of bags under the eyes with a pair of small curved lines. This combination of facial feature adjustments will give the delinquent an unfriend, slightly crazy and dumb look. For a scared/nervous look for the loner draw the eyebrows raised (especially the inner ends) and in reverse of their normal curves. Draw the mouth in a wider smile than the previous example. Make the irises slightly smaller as well. This is a face they can make when anticipating the success of their plans. Underneath the eyes add a few curved lines to show bags under the eyes (like the character has no slept in a while). These features combined will give this character a confident and slightly sly look. These are often the protagonists of anime shows and manga or the lead male character if the protagonist is a female. The sequence of actions is almost the same except for the more pronounced facial features and the flow of the hair. Draw the eyes with the inner ends of the top eyelids slightly lowered and draw the irises a little bit smaller than normal. You can also experiment with the personalities in this tutorial by combining the facial features of one character with another and seeing what you get. This step by step tutorial shows how to draw male anime and manga characters. Give a hint of bags under the eyes with a pair of curved lines. It includes a total eight examples of some of the more popular character archetypes with three variations of each. Spiky and messy hair along with a goatee can be a good fit for the delinquent. The “average guy” character is usually meant to be someone the viewer can relate to or cheer for. Draw the eyes looking slightly to one side with one eye squinted and one opened wider. Make the irises fairly small. Younger anime and manga male characters are often drawn with almost the exact same faces as females. For a disgusted look draw the “wealthy guy’s” face with the eyebrows in reverse of their normal curves. These types of characters can be both positive and negative depending on the story. Draw the hair on the sides 4. Draw the closed eyes as pretty much just a hair of dark curves similar to the eyebrows. The “wealthy guy” characters tend to be rich and successful. Draw the eyes fairly wide open with smaller than normal irises. 1. The generic shape of this type of male anime face can basically be broken down into the three simple shapes in the example above. For the delinquent’s/thug’s “bullying face” draw one eyebrow lowered and one raised. X Research source For example, you could draw 5-6 rectangular sections coming down off of the hairline from one side of the hairline to the other to make straight-across bangs. Leave the inside of the mouth white to indicate that its the teeth that are showing but don’t actually draw any hint of them, this will make the character look more friendly. A fake smile is another expression this character type tends to make. Usually these are negative characters that give other characters in the anime or manga a hard time. A sort of relaxed/wondering expression like “What am I gonna have for dinner tonight?”. For an “alarmed” looking face draw the eyebrows low down on the head and closer together but with one slightly higher than the other. For the concerned expression draw the eyebrows lower down and closer together with some wrinkles in between them. These will make the smile look less friendly and more like a grin. Add the mouth in an “O” like shape. While there is quite a bit of variation in the anime and manga style generally all anime characters tend to have large eyes, small noses amd simplified mouths with no lips. The concerned or “thinking” expression is one that the “intellectual” character is likely to make.

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