spread jail food recipe

Kelly Umphenour (author) from St. Louis, MO on December 15, 2012: Hi Eddy! I have been thinking about you! Cynthia Calhoun from Western NC on September 18, 2012: Oh boy! Kelly Umphenour (author) from St. Louis, MO on February 17, 2013: Thank you so much veggie8head! My jailhouse nickname was "Napa" . Christoph Reilly from St. Louis on September 17, 2012: Makes me want to go to prison. They also set toilet paper on fire to hold beneath things to warm them up. I bet jail was a terrible experience for Martha Stewart, not being able to fly her control freak flag. Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on September 17, 2012: This may be your funniest hub yet. This party spread can be made for a party of two (romantic evening) or the whole gang! Yeah I don't think anyone really knows what's IN potted meat but it smells curiously like Alpo! Makes 5 cookies. When the milk gets as hot as possible open the carton and add instant coffee. If it's something like SPAM, then I know! "Take a good hard look at me, I'm ona Boat! lol, Hi Vinaya! Now all I gotta do is get somebody to put money on my books so I can hook up phat style on the commissary sheet! lauramaryscott from Boise, Idaho on September 17, 2012: RealHousewife, I'm with KathyH in that the first thing I thought of was how does she know this and then I saw the photo of Martha Stewart. ThoughtSandwiches from Reno, Nevada on September 17, 2012: This is so much better than my plan to ply the rivers of Missouri while begging for food. I LOVED it. Hi Faith! If you thought you wrote it - I am pretty proud of myself right now:) lol. Actually though I'm voting this article up, awesome, interesting and useful though I have to say I'm really hoping its never truly useful to me .lol. ;). Paris Hilton didn't want to lose her shape while behind bars so she resorted to a skinny girl diet of soup. And see - now you know you have no worries at all - if you do get sent to the pokey for, I don't know, what's the worst thing I can imagine you doing? Ishwaryaa Dhandapani from Chennai, India on October 28, 2012: An engaging hub! I was hoping for recipes my daughter could try in the truck. It was his gig = postage stamps, smokes, whatever would be traded for a box of juice! hahaha. I will vote up. But how do you know so many recipes? I bet I would love it though! Suzie from Carson City on September 17, 2012: OMG, Kelly...this is a GEM! voted up with many votes and sharing it across. hahaha. In my hubby's younger and wilder days, he was given the opportunity to spend a little time in the local penitentiary and learned to make a few delicacies. Kelly Umphenour (author) from St. Louis, MO on September 17, 2012: Hi Paula! Lol he didn't want to - but I made 'em. Thanks for SHARING. If you are looking for more frugal menu items or chow you don't need modern conveniences to cook, these ideas will be sure to amaze and excite you and your food loving friends! I hope you never have to either Kelley - hahaha - worst case senario - always keep a can of tuna, chili and ramen noodles in the trunk. Lela from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on September 17, 2012: What? What a fun idea! Good Morning Cyndi! I have heard of jailhouse noodles before. Did't you ever smell any of these delectible dishes being cooked on a hot plate? �_g3I�b�pl�k LTkQ���;���X���>J*t+C�E=���%E�Wja��e�0Tx�E� ���%�M1kl%a�M2Iˊ�V���]�2�XĀ^�K�M����n$�Fh�2 xǵI���΍C'n�%]t��zP>n>EZ�eyi�T����2�-�S�d�� �(��Z���I��_�H*/v�t���~� �B?��Da����,�hϵ[���_������k�u�t0RaSx�F0.<6���S�,��i�3E�$w]1 [�r���x�()|�^`���^�*}���$�Iry�-�]�6t˲�8!�᱅� Stir briskly and pour on top of your cookie mixture. Your google ads at the bottom of the hub say: Save $$$$ on Inmate Phone Calls. Is there something you're not tellin' us? lol I had to just put the brakes on a do a fun hub:) I am so glad you enjoyed it!! Lol. Thank you for the link and the great advise!! Ha! The Jack Mack—or mackerel in a can—is rinsed off and placed on top of the noodles. Transfer mixture into a pan, smooth out, and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes (in prison, they make their own easy-bake ovens). penlady from Sacramento, CA on September 18, 2012: Well, at least if you're in jail, you can eat something besides bologna sandwiches - ha! This article caught my eye, and had me laughing. I can't wait to share your recipes with the hubby. I know I would for sure want to work in the kitchen:) lol. Kelly, you crack me up. Lol. A real hoot! Kelly Umphenour (author) from St. Louis, MO on September 19, 2012: Hi irc7815 - thank you! This was a blast to do - my whole family thought it was a riot:) haha Then the look on my hubby's face when I told him he was gonna have to try it...priceless!! Garnish with crushed M & M's. Great job Kelly; love the Simpson recipe! He gave me a lot of my secret recipes:))) hahahaha, Hi Amy! x��[[�G�!�x96Bb�5��v���+!��$��b�AB2���T�e��L��~vHi2��]]�S���{3�Y�I����1�������!̚�I?��7��?�>��OR��Lw��c������䍝]��^�Nw�>x�f릻/��?���$��,�8�0y�˷_��3I�S�������ƨ�?�?�YDa�9~p:�Y��#]��RQ5~���O��G��� qF�4�Vq�1��,�׆f>;�:}���qZ+�1�PU�%���;�2q(�c$�p�U����>�'��닩��6����o����'���1d�����S$���[=ū�S�ϞQ=�h1[;�I�������������4v�AZÛ4\R�{'2��ΰq�lȢI�lF��%h���T1��企�����z����!/��T��p��̀����\��ٌf6h���`j�E�~ďJ[�q��M"j���(M�1p���5���[t�����"��ЊA���elP�i This sweet cappuchino drink will add a spring to any inmate's step. Below is an example of a recipe from an inmate named Alexander who offers step-by-step instructions for making his Nacho Spread: I got four or five bowls.

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