small format recording console

Expect to see more iOS apps for and analog-modeled effects processing in the digital mixers of tomorrow. As well as the main line level inputs (on a D-Sub) there are jack inputs which one can switch to by selecting Aux In. I am putting in a small studio in my house. Digital mixers differentiate themselves in other ways. Music Production Mixers for Space-Challenged Control Rooms. Consoles such as Solid State Logic (SSL) E Series, J Series, or G Series, API Vision Consoles, and the Neve 88r has been used on thousands of hit records, and are still being used in major studios all over the world. There is also a channel insert point that will allow to directly patch in external dynamic processing, such as an 1176 compressor or LA-2A, you can A/B the unprocessed and processed sound by the push of a button of the channel strip. The price of the 8424 is £17,950 / $24,950. The API 2448 is available in 24, 32 and 40 channel frame and offers 24 fully featured channels for multitrack recording, 56 channels for mixing, a powerful feature set including dual inputs on each channel, four stereo returns. Inline Analog Recording Console, 4 Band EQ with Selectable high bands at 8k and 12k, low bands at 60Hz and 120Hz, 2 sweeping mid bands, Channel Insert, 50Hz High Pass Filter, 8 Subgroups, Subgroup Monitor Returns & Subgroup Stereo FX Returns, 2 Mono and 1 Stereo AUX, 1/8″ Selectable Output Transformer Option, 60dB gain discrete preamp, Balanced inserts with full bypass. Optional 16 channel expanders can be connected to provide up to 64 channels. 1-4 are arranged as two dual mono, with dual-concentric gain pots and individual On buttons, while 5-8 are arranged with similar knobs arranged as stereo level and pan, and a single On button per pair. The send knob allows you to send as little or as much as you need to achieve the desired effect. Simple Submaster controls for the eight busses allow for trimming (unity is at full-tilt on the knobs but these can be tweaked with a Cal pot), on/off, latching Solo and separate left and right program assign – again all buttons are yellow. Eight user-defined keys can be configured as mute-group masters, copy-and-paste prompts for channel settings or virtually any other console function, providing shortcuts for your most frequently performed tasks. The V-Pots can execute routing assignments or show DAW channel and send levels on its LEDs. Sort By. All connections for inserts are on balanced jacks. XL-Desk is a modern twist on the classic analogue studio console. The remaining four channels are each equipped with the 560 10-Band Graphic. The 1608’s rear jack panel has more routing capabilities than air traffic control. Let’s take a closer look at the innovative small-frame studio consoles introduced recently and their practical applications. Whether you're a music producer or an artist with your own project studio, the owner of a small professional recording studio or the person in charge of an educational facility, this desk delivers everything you need to record, mix, monitor and master music quickly, marrying Neve’s sonic excellence with the speed and flexibility required for today’s connected workflows. A power supply for the Chandler Mini Rack Mixer and Mini Rack Mixer Expander. In this video (part 2 of 2) James Ivey from Pro Tools Expert talks to James Townend from AMS Neve about some of the more advanced features of the Neve Genesys Black console. Features, Calibrated Motorized Faders, DAW Select, DAW Mute, DAW Solo, DAW Record Enable, DAW Automation Mode Toggle. Visit For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. API THE BOX® Project Recording and Mixing Console Building on API's rich heritage of extremely high-quality recording consoles, THE BOX is a small-format recording/mixing console designed for professional project studios, home studios, and production facilities of all kinds. Small-Format Consoles & Mixers. 24 channels, 32 monitors, 6 bus analog console with DAW Center Section, Powerbar PSU and Exquisite Trim. You can download (from the mixer) an unlimited number of scenes to your computer, name them, and then send them on a disk or via email or IM to a buddy who also owns a StudioLive mixer. For assistance in better understanding the content of this page or any other page within this website, please call 888.653.1184 during normal business hours. As well as routing to PGM and the eight busses, the signal is also always present at a Direct Output, post-fader. VU Metering. He is a Certified Pro Tools Instructor …, Trusted content from independent music and post production experts. In this video (part 2 of 2) James Ivey from Pro Tools Expert talks with Robin Porter of AMS Neve about new Neve BCM10 Mk2 and some of the finer points about routing audio around this small yet mighty console. The 924’s jog/shuttle wheel can be used to scrub your DAW tracks. A 12-channel configuration is shown here. The Notepad-12FX gives your production a level of polish typically achieved by recording studios. Pick your pleasure. Additionally there are 8 Echo Returns with full routing, each with their own corresponding (and patchable) 500-Series slot – one can even load eight 512Cs for a full 24 mic preamps.

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