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All over me.". This short from renowned author Angela Carter follows a female vampire queen on her quest to find her next victim. At this point she's safe, of course, but when they capture the intruder and drag him downstairs in handcuffs, she sees he is covered in blood. It's creepy bordering on sweet... but romance with a bog girl is not so simple, in the end. 'Tis the season for creepy-crawlies up your spine, so I've picked out 21 spooky stories you can read online right now on your phone to get you in the mood for Halloween. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Dell SE2417HGX 23.6 Inch TN, Anti Glare, LED-Backlit Gaming Monitor (Black) 1 MS Reponse Time, FHD (1920 x 1080) at 60… $ 149.95 WD RE 3TB 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Hard Drive (WD3000FYYZ) $ 94.00 EMBED (for hosted blogs and item tags) Want more? Jim was screaming and calling for help. There are a great many scary stories to tell. Since there isn't any danger, we think it is fun. Jim slammed the brakes and barely managed to stop the truck in time. We have been told of numerous disappearances around Foothill Woods.” Jim was driving right next to Foothill Woods. The beast shut Jim up by slicing his throat and devouring it. These stories are perfect for telling at Halloween, at bedtime, at sleepovers or around the campfire. Finally, if you've got kids or squeamish teens, we've also included some family-friendly bedtime options, too. "The Left Right Game" quickly garnered a reputation as one of most elaborate, unexpected, and downright terrifying entries ever. ", "Have you seen him?" ". There is another family with a ~4-5 yo girl sitting behind us. true stories in our new collection, 101 True Scary Stories to Read in Bed Tonight, available here. Read an Original Short Story by Kristen Arnett, 16 Popular Short Story Collections to Read Now, Read an Original Curtis Sittenfeld Short Story, The Best Short Stories You Can Read Online, The Best Werewolf Movies to Watch on Halloween. Now!!!". The women turned and stared at him and said,”52…. Short scary stories for kids, teens and adults to tell in the dark. No, she says. After all, the night is dark and full of terrors, and the internet is large and full of horror stories. From the very beginning of this haunting short story, one thing is clear: Momma is sick and her kids are suffering. ", "Look, you've scared me," she says. There are ghost stories. Connie is a teenage girl at odds with her family, so she turns to the world for companionship. A girl buys a smartphone that happens to have pictures which foretell her own doom. 52…. There are tales of witches, devils, bogeymen, zombies, and vampires. "Have you checked the children?" 1 Beware: True Ghost Stories, Creepy Tales, and Paranormal Horror Lurk Within. says the creepy voice on the other end. She slams the phone down, terrified. Is that what you wanted? If it's a Neil Gaiman story, you know you're in for an enchanting, magical, and yes—slightly creepy ride. So, to celebrate the season, we've gathered some of the best scary short stories available to read for free—featuring fixtures of Mexican folklore and feminist vampires. "Linda, we've traced that call. 'Tis the season for spooky tales told in the dark. "Premium Harmony" is a return to the creepy, fictional town of Castle Rock (as seen in the upcoming Hulu show), where domestic disputes unravel into grotesque horror. Telling scary stories is something people have done for thousands of years, for most of us like being scared in that way. "All the Fabulous Beasts" by Priya Sharma, "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" by Joyce Carol Oates, "A Perfectly Normal Interview with Carmen Maria Machado Where Everything Is Fine", "The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains" by Neil Gaiman, "The Yellow Ranch" by Kali Fajardo-Anstine, "The Lady of the House of Love" by Angela Carter, "How to Get Back to the Forest" by Sofia Samatar, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You can read them all right now. What she finds may be even worse. "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" It was evening, not full dark. It is not about a cutesy teddy bear, to say the least. Yes, Joe Hill just so happens to be the son of the one and only Stephen King, but he's also a great horror writer in his own right. Here you'll find tales of creepy dolls and unsettling wigs, doppelgangers and medical horror and bodies found in bogs. In "Patient Zero" we meet Jay, a little boy who has been in the hospital for a long, long time. "It's me," the familiar voice says. Raising a serial killer “We (me, my wife and my 3 yo son) are sitting in the food court at Costco. ", "Okay, Linda, if he calls back we'll do our best to trace the call, but just keep calm. We've got you covered with this charming short story about a house in Arkansas that's teeming with ghosts—but the friendly kind. "Well, there's nothing we can really do about it. She tears to the front door, attempting to unlock it and dash outside, only to find the chain at the top still latched. Do you need a ride?” Jim offered. "Your blood. "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. "Click-clack the Rattlebag" is short, simple, and utterly bone chilling. Copyright © 2020. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Dolores, a teenage girl, is living on her own for the first … It also had 52 on its face. “52…. Brings back memories, thebeast@ 52…. While we never need an excuse to read, Halloween is the ideal time to dig into a ghastly ghost story or a chilling true crime book. Brian Everson's "A Collapse of Horses"—for which an entire collection of stories was later named—isn't about gore or jump scares; instead, it follows an unreliable narrator through a confusing, post-traumatic time. I LOVED these stories when I was younger. Just be sure to read until the end—because frankly, this deliciously creepy Q&A is better than any vampire movie. the dispatcher asks. He got out of the truck and said to the women,”Whew, I’m so sorry. While we never need an excuse to read, Halloween is the ideal time to dig into a ghastly ghost story or a chilling true crime book. Since there isn't any danger, we think it is fun. The babysitter starts doing her homework while awaiting a call from her boyfriend. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark latest edition: Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Click To Download Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark PDF,, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). A storm rages through a diner window. Jim, a trucker, was driving down a dark road. What's less creepy than a hospital? she asks, but the caller hangs up again. It's coming from another room inside the house. "Abraham's Boys" is about the sons of the Dutch vampire hunter, Professor Abraham Van Helsing—the sons who have no idea who their father really was. So if you're looking to read about steamy romance and half-rotted corpses in the very same story... this is the one for you. 'Bog Girl' is about a girl who is found in a bog, and about the boy who loves her. "I'm shaking. "Sunbleached" brings us a most uncomfortable vampire, hidden in the crawlspace of a house to avoid the sun. Read true ghost stories, real urban legends and short tales of horror online. And you know that you shouldn't be afraid of the dark, but you can't help but feel like something is following, just behind you? I used to love these books when I was little…used to read the books from my elementary school library all the time…both Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and In A Dark Dark Room…loved them both. on June 7, 2017, personal/private info removed dd0001.jpg, dd0003.jpg, dd0025.jpg. In this story, Silvia Moren0-Garcia—author of the horror novel Mexican Gothic—puts a modern twist on the age-old tale, by casting a homeless woman as the legendary La Llorona. Right now. EMBED. "Why did you turn the lights down? Some parents have tried to have the books banned, but most kids remember the stories fondly and they have even released the tales on audio book. A student in my class brought a scary stories book for the teacher to read to the whole class… My teacher stopped reading “The Red Ribbon” because she thought it might scare us XD This happened last year!

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