cleaning rosewood fretboard

Based on all I've read about rosewood, it doesn't "need" any type of treatment as it has a natural resistance to rot. How to Safely Clean and Protect a Rosewood or Ebony Fretboard Rosewood and ebony fingerboards are not finished with lacquer like the rest of the wood parts in your guitar. ). We recommend PRS Guitar Cleaner and/or PRS Guitar Polish for all PRS guitars finishes. Do not oil the headstock of your rosewood neck, as it may cause the headstock logo to lift. Polish the guitar body – For Poly-finished (gloss) guitars, spray guitar polish onto a soft cloth and wipe down. is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. I will show you how to easily clean and condition a rosewood or maple guitar fretboard. Clean thoroughly to remove oil and grime from the fretboard. Would a soft toothbrush be a good idea to use to clean away the dirt with this naptha thing etc. Its not between the frets it more all over the actual wood of the fretboard, so it just needs a good scrub. Work across the grain. We use a nickel/silver combination to plate much of our hardware. Copyright 2019 Gibson Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. Hi there, Not seen this kit before - looks just the job. Use a damp cloth to clean Maple fretboards. My luthier says to use naphtha and never ever use any kind of oil or fretboard conditioner. Richlite fretboards are incredibly easy to maintain and withstand re-fretting without chipping. Now it plays much better and looks great too, very rich and darker looking as you said. (my fretboard is such an ugly tone of rosewood at the moment and is so grimy and dirty) I want to get it back to a nice rich dark looking wood finish etc. If using 0000 steel wool, there's no need to protect the rosewood fingerboard; in fact, the wool will clean and polish the fingerboard and the frets at the same time, quite safely. Then, I will use a little lemon oil to do it again, using it in a way to break up the grime and clean it. Richlite fretboards are incredibly durable while maintaining an ebony or rosewood look and feel. I've always used lemon oil with no ill effect. Catch up on… The pinnacle of PRS design, materials, and execution. Naptha is probably better known as lighter fluid, it's a reasonably mild solvent and should be available at most hardware stores, normally a rag is used to rub it on, and a clean rag to wipe it off, if the grime build-up is extreme I suppose a toothbrush could be used to help do a little scrubbing, just make sure to wipe the excess off as you proceed. Privacy Policy | I guess that's how dry it actually was.   You cannot paste images directly. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Everyone has their own methods, but I'm sticking with this. Then wipe off the lemon oil with the clean, soft towel until it is dry and the oily feeling is gone. Also, a thin coating of machine oil or carnauba wax will add a protective layer to the saddle to help prevent rusting. Fretboard Cleaning Tips. Terms & Conditions | Registered Trademarks. "Ditto", What Supersonic101 said. Schematics, FAQ's, Customer Support Contact Information and more. For the cleaning and conditioning of a rosewood fretboard or a solid rosewood neck, we recommend the use of PRS Fretboard Conditioner. works great. then put on some baby oli when done. The scour type kitchen pads is a good alternative to steel wool in that it doesn't shed or leave oils, but it does scratch some being not as fine as 0000 steel wool, so following up with steel wool takes care of that in completeness. guitar honey or lemon oil to the fretboard - or should the 02 solution be enough to restore it. If you use anything like steel wool, mask your pickups., (You must log in or sign up to reply here. The natural oils in your hands, over time, should seal and treat the rosewood as well.   Your link has been automatically embedded. The abrasive stuff tends to leave swirls and scratches in its wake. While this plating does not wear as well as chrome plating, the tonal qualities of nickel/silver are far superior. While this plating does not wear as well as chrome plating, the tonal qualities of nickel/silver are far superior. It's time to get some of the grime off but not sure of the best technique or cleaner. This will also clean tarnished frets as well as dirt built up on your fretboard if used with a toothbrush. Fresh strings will not only improve the overall tone of the instrument, but it will also make the instrument more enjoyable to play. The fretboard, being made of wood, is sensitive to different types of chemicals. There are products that you should refrain from using to clean your guitar fretboard.   Pasted as rich text. For the cleaning and conditioning of a rosewood fretboard or a solid rosewood neck, we recommend the use of PRS Fretboard Conditioner. By View our current job openings and join our team! Display as a link instead, × This week he walks us through the simple steps of cleaning and oiling your fretboard. I dunno. Luthier extraordinaire Garrett Lee joins us again for his third installment of Guitar Care 101. Signature Club is open to anyone with an interest in PRS. Cleaning a lacquered fretboard is generally a little easier than cleaning a rosewood or ebony board, but does require a little more finesse: Slack and remove strings. Spread one capful of Murphy’s onto the frets. Clear editor. If your ebony or rosewood fretboard is lightly dusty, Jim Dunlop’s Guitar Fingerboard Kit is perfect for cleaning ebony/rosewood fretboards. Dirty, corroded or worn strings will cause loss of sustain and treble frequencies and may result in faulty intonation and tuning instability. If your rosewood or ebony fingerboard isn’t in too much need of a complete overhaul, a clean damp (definitely not sopping!) And, over oiling a fretboard can soften the wood...which could loosen the frets. Check out our calendar of events then come out to meet PRS on the road. You should not use, for example: I have been reading up on products like 'Dunlop 65 formula' and 'Guitar Honey' from Gerlitz etc. naptha is lighter fluid....the type you use in a cigarette lighter. We have found that Blue Magic Liquid Metal Polish works very well in removing tarnish from our nickel hardware. Cleaning a rosewood fretboard without damaging it can be done using wood oil soap, steel wool, lemon oil, and a towel. Discussion in 'Tech-Talk' started by Sin Nombre, Oct 20, 2020. If the instrument is overexposed to sunlight, the stain color may fade. Is this correct? But I suppose he knows more than me. For cruddy fretboards I use regular guitar polish or for really bad gunk I use Lemon oil and one of the non-metallic scouring pads such as you use on Teflon-that way there's no chance of metal dust or pieces getting fouled in your pickups.BTW an old but stiff tooth brush can do the trick too.

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