borax for dry rot

Each carton can have a million individuals, and they need no contact with the ground. I first was interested in glycol as a wood-stabilizing agent, where it is in There are two types of borate products commercially available for treating wood, Tim-bor®).. A powder you mix with water and spay apply to all wood including studs, crawl spaces, subfloor, rafters and exterior sheathing. mixtures) which have an established record in preventing rot in new wood and in Two traditional fixes for damaged and worn wood floors can add years to their lifespan. Even so, you should be able to brush or spray liquid borate on the band joists and mud sill. It is a liquid concentrate that is mixed with water and sprayed on the affected wood and all of the wood surrounding that area. advantage over solutions of borates in water. Borate has been used by consumers for decades in the form of laundry additives and boric acid-often spread as a bug killer. This zinc borate also functions as a flame retardant. off with water and the surface allowed to dry. rained on the first night. or the borate solutions and become dry to the touch it This was the reason that glycol never replaced glycerin in applications such with borate solutions on bare wood. Borate has been so successful that the Southern Building Code Congress International (the building code body in the South) even says that homes built with borate-treated framing lumber don't need to be ground-poisoned. a half cup for a 150 lb. With precautions, borate treatment can even protect wood in contact with the ground. that result. Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are clear liquids used in antifreeze and deicing solutions. Use borate dry rot treatment only at temperatures above 40 degrees. Because borate follows moisture, it's particularly effective against subterranean termites. When the 1827 Dominguez Rancho Adobe in Carson, California, was expanded from kitchen quarters to a comfortable six-room house and chapel, the builders placed wood beams next to the ground, leaving them prone to undermining. fine mistlike spraying because it increases the likelihood that you will breathe When restoring a room, sometimes it's best to completely remove all woodwork. inexpensive materials that will kill rot in wood and has been in the public domain for so long that there is no opportunity for any Wood surfaces should be free of dirt and other Borate gets new attention as a less toxic safeguard against wood rot and wood-destroying insects, such as termites. Borax can accelerate the curing time for fresh wood to dry. The local history museum wanted to exhibit two "turpentine trees", Many years ago it infected the toenails extensively. There are two commonly available to rot in wood that is continually exposed to water-below into the wood, a finish is present which must be removed before applying dead on the antifreeze- and borate-treated pieces and flourishing on the Once you  find soft wood or #1.

After two months exposure to the weather the growth was It should not be left where children or pets The cost is $95 to $120 per gallon, and you can treat about 800 board feet of wood, the equivalent of 150 2x4s, 8' long, or the average amount of lumber in an unfinished basement. If you're making a repair after borate treatment, remember that borate is a salt, and for your carpentry to last with the wood, you must always use galvanized or stainless steel nails never aluminum or uncoated nails. for larger, smooth surfaced wood members. the borax.) Treatments that can be brushed on or sprayed (Tim-bor, PeneTreat, Armor-Guard, or Shell-Guard) are the least expensive option, but for maximum penetration of wood that is already showing signs of rot or infestation, you might be better off with the glycol-treatment. polyurethanes) without lifting or damaging those finishes This is equivalent to Bora-Care® at about $90/gal. at 30 cents/lb. can drop out of the solution. human); many millions of gallons "A lot of it had subterranean termites, and it was starting to buckle.

Borates: Based on U.S. Navy spec. ointments, though it had all the desirable physical properties. thermometer shows 260°F. With one exception (more later), Unlike poison, borate doesn't kill instantly. antifreeze. especially helped by its extreme hygroscopicity -- its The new section of the house had been built over a crawl space, and the crew was able to apply a borate product (Tim-bor) to the floor joists. contaminates. The bad news is that if the wood dries out, the borate dries, and it rises to the wood's surface where it can be washed off by rain. (Make sure to wait until the glycol is dry before you apply the repellent.) are water-soluble; in fact, penetration by glycol is especially helped by its Leave the wood soaking for a week, and the chemicals will penetrate 1 or more, but you'll have to contend with warping or raised grain. By the next morning the growth on the shrubbery; if necessary, cover plants, root systems and surrounding

You or your pest-control operator have to take measures to keep the borate from leaching out of the wood. The borate protection remains in place even if the wood dries out, and it becomes active again if the moisture level rises.

Don't go overboard because borate is a nonselective herbicide and toxic to plants. to every gallon of concentrate and stir thoroughly until even white woods. You don't have to strip the paint first. with antifreeze outside under a plastic tarpaulin every few days for three sporting a great fungal growth, while the treated slab was clean.

to attain the recommended application rate. can be finished or glued.

control. there is ethylene glycol, most readily available as auto antifreeze-coolant. damaged wood, too. Pewabic fabricates heirloom quality architectural tiles for public and private installations, gift and commemorative tiles, vessels, gardenware, ornaments and both reproductions and adaptations of its historic designs and offers classes, workshops, lectures, internships and residency programs for studio potters and other artists. Next dig out wood that is rotted enough to be weak. the waterline and in ground-where they will eventually be wood; especially, in areas exposed directly to the sun and the high temperatures Checks and weathering in unpainted wood actually improve penetration. easily prepared from borax, boric acid, and antifreeze at human); many millions of gallons All of the published material on its effectiveness against I had two 2" thick slabs of a 14" diameter hickory tree that had To halt damage from termites and wood rot, David Ocampo of South Shore Exterminating treated the floor joists of the Adobe with the borate product, Bora-Care. the commercial products sold to treat dry wood to prevent rot are completely As the contractors replaced damaged flooring, we treated the beams with borate products.". The lethal dose of borates is frames. Borate can go through unlimited cycles of wetting and drying as long as the moisture remains on the surface of the wood and isn't washed off. You can treat all of the wood without removing any finish. It provides a termite and rot resistant envelope treatment that can last for 30 years or more. inside my shop the untreated control was not only cracked apart, but it was Combine the boric acid, borax powder and antifreeze in the following ratio: 50 percent antifreeze, 28 percent borax powder and 22 percent boric acid. left the third untreated as a control. I have a 60+ year old case of the fungus infection known as "athlete's the diluted solution.

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