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He starred in one of his most memorable roles as Sneezy the dwarf in the ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time, which was a recurring part that saw Khouth in the role throughout the course of the series. He is the main reality version of Sneezy (Wish Realm). Heartbroken, Snow prepares to drink a potion to erase the pain, but Grumpy stops her. One night, as he and Walter are patrolling Storybrooke, they happily notice the town has now become very quiet and peaceful. RIP, Gabe.". Hair color: Zelena and Regina face off, where Zelena refers to Sneezy as a munchkin. Unseen to them, Mr. Gold later kills Zelena; accidentally triggering magic in her pendant, which activates the time spell. Later when the Queen comes to the mines while singing a response to Snow and Charming's song, she intimidates Sneezy by grabbing his shirt before shoving him away and moving onto terrorizing Happy. Khouth played the recurring character in 43 episodes over seven seasons of "Once," an ABC fantasy series that debuted in 2011 and aired its final episode in 2018. During the funeral, Prince Charming, having escaped the Evil Queen, arrives and persuades them to lift the cover so he can say his farewells. Physical Description Gabe Khouth, Sneezy in ‘Once Upon a Time,’ Dies at 46. On July 23rd, my friend, Gabe Kouth appeared to suffer a cardiac arrest while riding his motorcycle and tragically died as a result.Gabe ALWAYS put a smile on everyone’s face.My deepest condolences to his Family and friendsRIP-You kind, kind soul#Heartbroken #gonetoosoon Actor Peter Kalamis, who costarred with Khouth in "Big Eyes," shared the news on Twitter: "On July 23rd, my friend, Gabe Kouth appeared to suffer a cardiac arrest while riding his motorcycle and tragically died as a result. Presumably, he regains his memories after drinking the potion. To everyone's surprise, Mary Margaret announces it was because of Regina's help that they were able to return home. USA TODAY has reached out to ABC for comment. "He loved all of you. As the dwarves strip him of his belongings, Happy finds a "Long Live Regina" pin, to which a suspicious Grumpy takes him to the Queen. Gender: The next day, Grumpy sings a tune about going to work in the mines as Doc, Sneezy, and Happy trail behind him, which the Queen witnesses through one of her castle mirrors. Sneezy muss häufig niesen, er ist z.B. ("Operation Mongoose Part 2"), During the six weeks Emma and the others are in Camelot, Mr. Clark becomes sheriff of Storybrooke and dons Emma's trademark red jacket. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. ("Operation Mongoose Part 1"), Harnessing the quill, Henry reverts Isaac's stories and returns everyone to Storybrooke. ("Heart of Darkness"), Powered by the combined forces of the seven dwarves, fairies, Red Riding Hood, and Granny, Snow White breaks into King George's castle dungeon. The other dwarves intervene, but all are pushed away by the Queen's magic. Doc of course announces the Queen's presence, telling his brother's to run, but they just remain watching in shock and horror as their King and Queen are kidnapped. The same character also sneezes in an earlier episode, the one with Hansel & Gretel (I can't remember what it's called.) While Mr. Gold pays for his tape and rope, he sees David is buying two different Valentine's Day cards. Enchanted Forest Character At the execution, the dwarves are present to hear the Queen's last statement, which moves Snow White to the point she prevents Regina's death. Miraculously, he gives her a kiss of true love and breaks the Sleeping Curse. Sneezy (Wish Realm) The actor's brother, Sam Vincent, posted a Twitter video Friday to confirm that Khouth died Tuesday after going into cardiac arrest while riding his motorcycle. With Prince Charming's encouragement, Snow White injuries the Queen with the sword and declares the kingdom is hers. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. ("Lost Girl"), Sometime during the war with the Evil Queen, Sneezy and the dwarves join Snow White and Prince Charming in ambushing Regina. Sneezy and the others watch her behavior with concern, until Snow White pulls at her collar, where a tipsy Jiminy falls out from, much to everyone's amusement. PharmacistMinerSheriff of Storybrooke (briefly)Black Knight (alternate reality) Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Don't you sneeze on me, you son of a gun! Sneezy, also known as Tom Clark, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. When she doesn't return, they rush to the site of the meeting where they find Snow White's lifeless corpse. The news causes a huge stir, but David sets up a town meeting in two hours' time and promises to come up with a plan. When it comes Emma's turn, she decides to step down out of the race by ousting Mr. Gold for starting the fire, but her defiance towards the most powerful man in town shapes a good impression on the townspeople and they put her in office as sheriff. After Snow, David, Regina and the others return from Camelot without their memories of their time in Camelot, they are all confronted by Emma, who has become the Dark One. Gabe Khouth "We are all devastated by the passing of our dear & sweet friend Gabe Khouth from Once," Macguire said. ", Exclusive clip: Zelena's witchy ways on 'Once Upon a Time'. During this time, Khouth would also show up in guest roles on popular TV shows like Supernatural, iZombie, and the Netflix adaptation of Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events. In the years since, Khouth has lent his voice to many roles in various animated TV shows, including Fruit Ninja, Beyblade Burst, and Dragonball Z. Khouth can also be heard in video games like Dead Rising 2 and the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation video game adaptation. Before they set out, Grumpy learns from Jiminy that fifty inhabitants have landed in the Enchanted Forest two miles away. As they pass by, Leroy reassures him that they will restore his memories soon. Species: Mary Margaret suggests sending the trigger through the bean's portal, and though Emma is reluctant to try such a risky plan, Archie persuades her it's the right thing to do. During the height of the Miner's Day celebration at night, Leroy causes a power outage that renders the entire town in darkness. Once Upon a Time The Episodes Pilot Season One Season Two Season Three Season Four Season Five Season Six Season Seven The Characters Emma Swan Mary Margaret Regina Mills David Nolan Henry … StorybrookeDwarves' cottage (formerly) After the Dark Ones let them go, the dwarves regroup with everyone else, unsure of what just transpired. This article or section is under construction. "He went out doing what he loved and he's at peace now.". ("Pilot", "The Cricket Game"), Hearing that the royal couple are expecting their first child, Cinderella gifts them a unicorn mobile, which Sneezy begins assembling over the baby crib. In this reality, Stealthy never died, and Sneezy, along with the rest of the dwarfs, has aged a fair bit across the twenty-eight years that have passed since Emma was born. Latest appearance:

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